Free Trade Zones register record numbers.

Free Trade Zones register record numbers.

The free zones sector continued to register record numbers in its main variables, during 2023. Exports registered a total of 8.06 billion dollars, thus evidencing a growth of 3.8% when compared to the year 2022 and representing 70% of the country's total exports.


According to a statement by Mr. Daniel Liranzo, executive director of the National Free Zones Council (CNZFE), “for the first time in the history of the free zones, the value of its exports has reached more than 8 billion dollars, which constitutes a record figure”.


Liranzo stated that, during the past year, practically all productive sectors of the free zones registered increases in the value of their exports, led by the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Products, which registered an export value of more than 2.5 billion dollars and represented 31.3% of exports from free zones, becoming the first export product of the Dominican Republic. This is followed by Textile Manufacturing, with a growth of 9.0%, Metals Products, with 40.3%, Plastic Products with 28.9%, among others.


Likewise, Liranzo expressed that in terms of jobs, the free zones sector also registered record figures, exceeding for the first time the threshold of 95,000 direct jobs, registering the figure of 197,674 direct jobs, at the end of 2023.
He also expressed that the growth in the number of jobs has been registered in all the free zone parks, with the greatest growth recorded in  those located in the northern region and the province of Santo Domingo.


The Director, attributed these increases to the commercial reactivation that is being experienced within the sector, induced by the international demand for merchandise and the support provided to the free zones by the government, headed by President, Luis Abinader Corona.


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